One-on-one instruction is a great way to get the perspective you need to grow as a drummer. For nearly two decades, I have been providing drummers with the tools to make noticeable improvements in their playing and helping musicians get to the next level.

“Ryan is a very professional and exemplary teacher. With the help of Ryan’s influence and instruction, I was able to attend Denver School of the Arts. Now that I have graduated, I will be studying jazz drumming at the University of Oregon.”

– Calvin Davis

In addition to working on drum set styles and grooves, hand and foot technique, reading, coordination, and music theory, you’ll discover new ways to listen (in a musical sense), practice (in an effective manner), and gain confidence in your ability to play with other musicians.

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Efficient MOTION allows you to play fluidly, with more EMOTION.

“Ryan was my drum teacher for over 4 years. He was not only my teacher, but a mentor and a friend. He pushed me and challenged me to become a better drummer. He saw potential in me when I couldn’t see it myself. If anyone of any age or skill level wants to learn the basics, master a new technique, or anything in between, Ryan Elwood is your guy.”

– Graylen Goff

During your studies, you’ll have the opportunity to learn on real drums – not an electronic kit or a set covered with rubber pads (this is very important for developing consistent dynamics, tone, and feel). Every lesson is customized to your needs to help you set and achieve realistic goals while having fun and being creative in the process.

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“Ryan is awesome! He is a great musician and great teacher. My youngest is a shy kid but Ryan knew right away how to work with her and she is enjoying drum lessons with him. If you are looking for fun and knowledgeable percussion teacher for kids and adults, Ryan is the best!”

Kate Martinez

Ryan Elwood | Drummer and Drum Instructor

“Drums are my passion. Whether performing, recording, or teaching, I truly love getting behind the kit and making music. I’ve been teaching since 2002. Since then, I’ve developed a comprehensive approach that encompasses everything I’ve learned from over twenty-five years of drumming experience.

I’m proud that students of mine have successfully auditioned for music programs, including Denver School of the Arts, Denver Citywide Honor Band, and Jefferson County Honor Band. Some have gone on to study music at the collegiate level. I have also consulted with working drummers, helping them improve their craft and take their music to new places.

My studio is located in Littleton, providing easy access from many regions of the metro area. Utilizing side-by-side drum sets and my extensive library of learning resources, it’s a great environment to immerse yourself in the art of drumming!”

Ryan Elwood (drummer and drum instructor)