In addition to conventional recording sessions, I am also available to remotely record drums and percussion for your next single, EP, or full-length album. My goal is to get a solid take without excessive edits so that you can get a truly live feel for your track. Remote tracking allows you to capture a unique performance in a great sounding room using real drums and industry-standard equipment.

“Ryan Elwood is an accomplished musician who puts the song and singer first; a real team player.”
– Doug Haywood (Jackson Browne)

“It has always been a pleasure working with Ryan. I respect him first as a musician and then as a drummer. He has a solid foundation in harmony, which many drummers lack. I think this makes him more aware of what is going on musically and therefore makes his drumming much more musical.”
– Eric Dorn (jazz guitarist)

Before the session: send a rough mix of your song(s) along with the BPM and your overall vision for the drum part. If you have a programmed drum part for reference, feel free to send it as an additional file.

During the session: I’ll craft a drum part based on your notes. If you’d like, you can watch the session unfold via Zoom, allowing you to make suggestions in real-time (optional).

After the session: you’ll receive a link to each individual WAV file (kick in, kick out, snare top, snare bottom, hi-hat, rack tom, floor tom, overhead right, overhead left, and room). These are raw tracks; no compression or EQ has been added, allowing you and your mix engineer to shape the tones specifically to your sound.

It’s that simple!

Reach out today to book your session!

Ryan Elwood | Business Card

“Ryan laid down an amazing drum track on the first take. I had no revisions at all. And he’s super responsive to emails and quick to turn the project around. Many, many thanks!”
– Jesse White (singer/songwriter)

In addition to working remotely, I have recorded with bands and artists in studios all over Colorado, including Mighty Fine Productions and The Keep in Denver, Swingfingers Recording Studios in Fort Collins, and United Interests Sound Studios in Boulder. Past clients include Blake Turner (2019), Jeremy Wendelin (2018), Automatic Iris (2016 & 2018), Wonderlic (2016), The Sparrow and The Fall (2012), and FaceMan (2011).