“Your Dardanelle” by Automatic Iris
(live at the Park Hill Branch Library in Denver, CO)

“Waiting for the Day”
“When I See Her”
“I Don’t Mind”
“Close My Eyes”
“American Lights” by Voodoo Kings
(live on Denver Loft Sessions)

“Bartlesville” by Automatic Iris
(live at the Park Hill Branch Library in Denver, CO)

“I Dare You” by Automatic Iris

“Perhaps” by Aural Elixir
(live at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver, CO)

“Moriarty In Mexico” by Wonderlic
(live at the Big Wonderful in Denver, CO)

“American Lights” by Voodoo Kings
(live at Oskar Blues Grill & Brew in Lyons, CO)

“Cancer Wing” by Safe Boating Is No Accident
(live at the Hi-Dive in Denver, CO)

“The Story of LÄRABAR” by Annie Parsons

“Watercolor Love” by Spies!

“Best of Me” by Jen Korte
(live at Denver Open Media in Denver, CO)

“Ryan’s remarkable ability to create an intricate dynamic approach to any song he is involved with is truly a rare gift. I have had such a pleasure sharing the stage with him. There’s no greater feeling than knowing that, no matter what, your rhythm section has your back. He is always on time, always shows up prepared and willing to work hard at rehearsals. I appreciate everything about playing with him and would hire him first, always”
Jen Korte (singer/songwriter)

“Cellophane Jane” by Chuck Schneider and the Broadway Music School Faculty
(live at Broadway Music School in Denver, CO)

“Mr. Butterfly” by The Que Pastas

“Ryan is one of the best percussionists in the city, a true professional.”
Gene Davis (The Que Pastas)

“Bloody Mary Christmas” by Eddie Lance

“Ryan has played on a couple of my CD’s. He totally gets me and I would love to work with him again when the time comes.”
Eddie Lance (musician, writer)

“Split Ends” by Eric Dorn
(live at the Mead St. Station in Denver, CO)

“It has always been a pleasure working with Ryan. I respect him first as a musician and then as a drummer. He has a solid foundation in harmony, which many drummers lack. I think this makes him more aware of what is going on musically and therefore makes his drumming much more musical.”
Eric Dorn (jazz guitarist)

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