Instrument and Studio Gear List

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DW Collector’s Series Maple: 8″x12″/14″x14″ toms, 16″x20″ kick
DW Design Series Maple: 8″x12″/11″x14″ toms, 12″x20″ kick
Ludwig Drums Classic Maple: 9″x13″/16″x16″ toms, 14″x22″ kick


DW Collector’s Series 5.5″x14″ Bell Brass
DW Collector’s Series 5.5″x14″ Black Nickel-over-Brass
DW Collector’s Series 5.5″x14″ Maple 10+6
Ludwig Drums 5″x14″ Acrolite (1964)
Ludwig Drums 5″x14″ Super Ludwig 400 (Chrome-over-Brass, pre-1963)
Ludwig Drums 5″x14″ Supraphonic 400 (1968)
Ludwig Drums 5″x14″ Supraphonic 400 (1972)
Pacific Drums 805 Series 6″x10″ Side Snare
Slingerland Radio King 6.5″x14″ Solid Maple Snare (mid-1950s)


Zildjian A Custom Series: 16″-20″ crashes, 18″ & 20″ EFX, 14″ hi-hats
Zildjian A Series: 21″ Sweet ride, 19″ Armand ride, 18″ Breakbeat ride, 8″ & 10″ Flash splashes, 20″ Swish, 15″ New Beat hi-hats
Zildjian K Constantinople Series: 20″ & 22″ Medium rides
Zildjian K Custom Series: 14″ Session hi-hats
Zildjian K Series: 23″ Sweet ride


Rhythm Tech shakers, tambourines, and various toys/effects
Swede’s Customs cajón
Remo djembe
– suitcase full of random percussion toys and found objects


DW hardware and pedals
Humes & Berg bags and cases
Remo drumheads
Vic Firth sticks, brushes, and mallets


ADK X-51 (2)
AKG 414 EB (2)
AKG 451 (2)
AT 4050 (2)
Royer 121 (2)
Sennheiser 421 (3)
Shure 545
Shure Beta 52
Shure KSM 137
Shure SM-57 (5)
Yamaha Subkick


API 512 (10)
Ward Beck M460 (2)
Amek 9098 (2)
Quad Eight Westar (6)
Sytek Preamp (4) (Neotek)


Allen Smart C1 (Stereo)
Warm Audio 1176 (2)
Empirical Labs Distressor (2)
DBX 160X (2)
SSL Quad Compressor clone (Stereo)
Elysia Xfilter (2)
Audio Arts EQ (Stereo)
Intersound IVP
Drawmer Compressor (2)

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