Dave Brubeck Rediscovered

Hey music fans! I have the amazing honor of drumming with the Jeremy Wendelin Quartet every Tuesday from 7-11p at Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club in Denver. This Artist in Residence series runs from November through December 2015.

During our residency, we will be exploring the music of Dave Brubeck. As a drummer, this is particularly exciting as some of Brubeck’s most memorable pieces featured the excellent drumming of Joe Morello. As if that weren’t challenging enough, many of the compositions are in odd time signatures, ranging from 5/4 to 9/8.

If you’re in the Denver area, come down and check out the group. The quartet is led by saxophonist Jeremy Wendelin and features Bill Morse on piano. Local bass great Ron Bland will be playing most weeks, with Dave Weinand and Jean-Luc Davis sitting in at various points during the residency. It’s a tremendous honor to play with these guys, we’ve been having a blast learning the material. See you at the club!

Time Out and Beyond

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Thanks, guys. You need to pick up the FOR ALL TIME box…COUNTDOWN: TIME IN OUTER SPACE, TIME CHANGES, and TIME IN are brilliant albmus, as well, and while not all that quartet’s brilliant work, perhaps the core of it.One of the happiest moments of my brief, not happy Tower Records career was being asked for advice as to what to try for a certain customer’s first extended exposure to jazz, and putting into his hands, advisedly, TIME FURTHER OUT: MIRO REFLECTIONS and MINGUS MINGUS MINGUS MINGUS MINGUS.

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