Band Coaching and Artist Development

Is your project stuck in a rut? Are you a new band seeking some direction?
Are you an established band wanting to shake things up?
No matter what your needs are, I can help you take your music to the next level!

‘It had always been a pleasure working with Ryan. I respect him first as a musician and then as a drummer. He has a solid foundation in harmony, which many drummers lack. I think this makes him more aware of what is going on musically and therefore makes his drumming much more musical.’ – Eric Dorn

I have been a professional musician for nearly twenty years. During that time, I have learned the ins-and-outs of the business (oftentimes the hard way!). As your coach, I can help you navigate the scene and avoid the pitfalls many musicians are susceptible to. I can also help you expand your network, whether it be with other bands on the scene, performance venues, recording studios, photographers, or videographers.

As you prepare for the stage, and eventually for the studio, I can help improve your group’s sound through thoughtful guidance and constructive criticism. Some of the services I can provide include:
instrumental coaching
– refining your creative process
– crafting a set list
– using dynamics and showmanship to give your audience an experience, not just a performance
– developing your brand
– marketing your project to help you discover your audience

‘Ryan Elwood is an accomplished musician who puts the song and singer first; a real team player’ – Doug Haywood (Jackson Browne)

Some of the acts I have worked with:
– pop artists Adrienne O, Natalie Walker, and Kate Merrill
– country artists Buckstein and Kory Brunson
– singer/songwriters Doug Haywood and Craig Haller
– rock bands Voodoo Kings and Automatic Iris
– funk/R&B bands Club X and the Atomic Brass Project
– world music artists Alemayehu Makonnen and ATOMGA
– blues bands Rodney Black and the Blacklist and the George Nelson Band
– jazz artists Jeremey Wendelin and Eric Dorn
– theater productions of I Miss My MTV and Fiddler On The Roof
– religious services for Journey Church and Mission Hills Church
– entertainment agencies Diamond Empire and √Član Artists

Above all, it is my goal to make every musical endeavor as fun and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. If you have more questions, or if you’d like schedule a session, please feel free to contact me at: